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The first month of enstut

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Hi, enstut readers!

Today is the first month of my website existence So I want to thank to all readers of this website.

The first month was awesome because I got a few subscribers and lots of traffic and social shares.

Mostly I got traffic from social networking site and some referrer site. The best thing is that I got some organic traffic as well.

But I know some of you may think why we publish post weekly. You should read few main points here.

  • It is the first month, so I experiment with different areas of the website for better usability for our readers.
  • I have done everything that a website need.
  • I was busy with some very serious projects in this month.
  • I thought there are a lot of websites out there about web designer and developer, So I should do some unique work for our readers and I won’t tell you now because it is a surprise.

If you guys have some ideas about this website posts and usability or any other factor so you should get in touch with me via the contact form, twitter or comment section So I can improve it.

Here is some information about this website posts so continue reading.

The most viewed posts.

Believe me, this three post give me motivation and I decided to publish 2 or 3 posts a week.

The less viewed post

I am not disappointed because now, I know a little bit about my readers, mean what they want from this website?

For the next month, I left some projects for better serving to enstut readers.

Once again, thank you all for the great responses because I believe responses boost motivation.

Now let me know if you have any query or suggestion regards enstut.


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